Lash Accessories

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Blower bulb

Use this blower bulb to make the glue dry more quickly without damaging the newly applied lash extensions

£4.20 Ex Tax: £4.20

Disposable grooming brush x 25

These disposable grooming brushes are for disciplining and untangling the eyelashes when applying lash extensions

£7.90 Ex Tax: £7.90

Eye contour gel patch 2 x 5

These eye contour gel patches protect the lower eyelid and separate the lashes when applying eyelash extensions

£9.50 Ex Tax: £9.50

Eyelash extension kit

This kit contains every product and accessory required for the proper application of eyelash extensions 

£216.50 Ex Tax: £216.50

Eyelash extensions tweezers

Perfect for easy accurate application of eyelash extensions. These tweezers are for picking up and applying individual silk lashes to the natural eyelashes

£5.30 Ex Tax: £5.30

Medical adhesive tape

Medical adhesive tape is ideal for keeping patches in place and taping up drooping eyelids

£2.10 Ex Tax: £2.10