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8 in 1 BB nail care 5650 - 5ml

8-in-1 nail treatment

Your best friend for perfect nails!

£3.80 Ex Tax: £3.80

Base coat / top coat 11ml

As a base coat, this product increases the adhesion of the nail lacquer to the nail and improves its hold. As a top coat it protects nail lacquer from flaking and wear, while increasing its shine.<

£7.10 Ex Tax: £7.10

Gel effect top coat -11ml

Its quick-drying formula has an artificial nail effect, giving your nail lacquer a beautifully shaped and ultra-shiny finish while prolonging its hold.

£7.10 Ex Tax: £7.10

Glossy top coat 11ml

Its ultra-shiny formula enhances the nail's natural beauty and increases the shine of nail lacquer, creating a vinyl lacquer effect.

£7.10 Ex Tax: £7.10

Menda pump for nail lacquer remover

The plastic menda pump with protector is used to dispense sculpting liquid onto a brush.

£9.60 Ex Tax: £9.60

Top coat 11ml

An ultra-shiny finish that leaves a protective shield on the nails. Accentuates the nails' natural shine or the colour of the nail lacquer while preventing it from chipping so that it lasts longer.

£7.10 Ex Tax: £7.10

Top coat express dry 68ml

Gives your nail lacquer a super-shiny finish in record time!

£24.20 Ex Tax: £24.20

Top coat mat 11ml

Finishing lacquer for giving all your lacquers a matt finish. Its matt formula transforms your gloss lacquer into a matt shade and protects it, making it last longer. Also prevents your matt lacque

£7.10 Ex Tax: £7.10