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2 Crepe Bandages

The Perfect way to restore the feeling of lightness to the legs.

£4.30 Ex Tax: £4.30

2-in-1 Sculpting Mask - Cherry Blossom and Sea Lavender

The perfect way to make your hands feel soft, supple and comfortable once again, this sculpting mask is perfect for every kind of use.

£16.80 Ex Tax: £16.80

Nourishing and Relaxing Coconut Wrap - x6 250g

Enriched with coconut pulp which has nourishing and relaxing properties, this treatment envelops the body in a luxurious smooth cream.

£60.30 Ex Tax: £60.30

Pro - Bleaching Cream - x2 150ml

For fast effective and gentle bleaching of hair and down. The 2 creams are used together.

£21.70 Ex Tax: £21.70

Pro - Cooling Lotion for Tired Legs - 990ml

Peggy Sage Cooling Lotion provides instant relief thanks to the action of menthol, which relaxes and refreshes your legs for a long time.

£35.50 Ex Tax: £35.50

Pro - Draining Complex with Essential Oils - 30ml

Cypress, fennel, geranium, lemon and peppermint.

£11.50 Ex Tax: £11.50

Pro - Massage Cream - 250ml

Ideal for long massages, this cream envelopes your skin with softness leaving it more subtle thanks to the emollient and regenerating properties of grape seed oil.

£29.30 Ex Tax: £29.30

Rhassoul Mud - 2kg

Rhassoul Mud is a 100% natural clay from North Africa that has absorbing and astringent properties.

£62.10 Ex Tax: £62.10

Slimming Complex with Essential Oils - 30ml

Geranium, mint, sage, lemon balm.

£11.50 Ex Tax: £11.50

Slimming Wrap - x6 250g

This peel off wrap is ideal for Slimming programmes. It provides all the desired Slimming benefits because it contains brown seaweed laminaria, guarana, and essential oil of rosemary, selected for

£60.30 Ex Tax: £60.30

Traditional Black Soap with Eucalyptus for the body - 1kg

Traditionally used in oriental steam baths, this black soap is a very effective natural exfoliant made of olive oil and rick in vitamin E.

£35.50 Ex Tax: £35.50

Warming Green Tea Wrap - x6 250g

This creamy wrap is formulated with young green tea leaves, which are known to have slimming and detoxifying properties.

£60.30 Ex Tax: £60.30

Bath Caviar - Cherry Blossom - 180g

The ideal way to shorten your hands and cuticles, when added to water these delicate little pearls are transformed into a milky bath with a delightful cherry blossom fragrance that will treat you t

£15.80 Ex Tax: £15.80

Contour Firming Massage Cream - 250ml

Used daily the contour firming massage cream enriched with 8 active plant extracts refines the silhouette, reduces fat overloads, stimulates the circulation dynamics and improves the elimination of

£30.10 Ex Tax: £30.10

Glitter Wipes

Grace your skin with a subtle covering of glitter at any time of the day or night with these delicately perfumed wipes containing pearly golden glitter pieces.

£6.20 Ex Tax: £6.20

Moisturising Protector SPF20 50ml

Protect your skin from everyday dirt, grime and sun with this product which acts like a shield, forming a protective film on the surface of your skin. 

£21.50 Ex Tax: £21.50

Pro - Melt-in Honey Sculpting Balm - 250ml

This melt in honey balm formulated with sugar derivatives, smooths onto the skin and is not sticky. Warm the product between your hands and then apply it to dry skin to begin the massage.

£30.10 Ex Tax: £30.10

Silk Mist - Cherry Blossom and Sea Lavender

With its light, fluid texture, this mist softens and protects without leaving behind an oily film. 

£12.30 Ex Tax: £12.30

Velvet Hands - Cherry Blossom and Sea Lavender

This cream enriched with 20% Shea butter will leave your hands feeling velvety smooth.

£7.90 Ex Tax: £7.90

Tropical Shower Gel 480 ml

Hydra-smoothie balms intensely enhance the natural colour of your lips. Enriched with shea butter, j..

£9.80 Ex Tax: £9.80