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Purifying Complex with Essential Oils 250 ml

Geranium, rosemary, ylang-ylang, tea tree. For a facial treatment, mix 20 drops of an essential oils complex with a facial sculpting massage product.

£11.60 Ex Tax: £11.60

Purifying Mask with Green Clay 250 ml

With this skin care, the epidermis is refined and the complexion is cleared up. This mask purifies your skin, cleansing it deep down and absorbing excess sebum.

£29.60 Ex Tax: £29.60

Regulating Mask with Camphor 250 ml

The regulating properties of camphor, decongestant properties of iris extract and rejuvenating properties of vitamin A purify the skin, limit excess sebum and obviously improve the skin grain.

£19.80 Ex Tax: £19.80