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United Kingdom

Radiance Revealing Cream Scrub 250 ml


Radiance Revealing Cream Scrub 250 ml


Radiance Revealing Cream Scrub 250 ml


Specially developed to exfoliate dead skin cells that suffocate the skin, this cream gently brings out your faces full radiance.

Pearly white cream texture - manual exfoliating peel.

It contains extract of pomegranate which closes your pores and regenerates your skin, giving it a smoother appearance.

The citrus and sage extracts it contains detoxify and soothe the skin, stimulating new skin cell growth. Used regularly it refines your skin texture, leaving your skin brighter and your complexion more even.

Apply evenly to dry, makeup free skin, avoiding the area around the eyes. Leave it to work for about 10mins, then Scrub Using circular strokes. Rinse with tepid water then dab with Peggy Sage super moisturising dew


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