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6 Clonmel Street
Llandudno, Wales, LL30 2LE
United Kingdom

Peggy Sage


1925 Brand Founded

An American, Peggy Sage, establishes in the USA the first brand to specialise in manicure and nail care products.

Sought-after Peggy Sage products are sold at home gatherings to a select clientele.


1950 The Glamour Era

Peggy Sage Le Rouge takes its place alongside famous brands in the world's major capital cities (Place Vendôme in Paris, East Street in New York, New Bond Street in London, etc.)

The brand continues to grow, offering clients new colours and a range of lipsticks


1960 Peggy Sage is liberated

Glamour gives way to emancipation for women and Peggy Sage moves with the times. New colours and new modern-looking bottles are adopted by women who now combine femininity with a working life.


1995 Peggy Sage is reborn

Peggy Sage is purchased by the Collomb family, and while focusing fully on its core business of manicure products, Peggy Sage diversifies, creating a variety of products for nails, hands, face and body, plus a wide range of make-up and accessories.


Today Business is booming

The move to a new head office in Bonneville marks a positive turning point in the brand's fortunes.

With a range of 180 colours and countless textures, and with its many innovations and variety of decorations, Peggy Sage has turned cosmetics into a creative beauty experience while continuing to meet its exacting professional standards.